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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Young Child Class - Preparation for Instrumental Lessons, Preparation for School

“If I knew how important it would be, I would not have skipped the Kindermusik classes for 4’s and 5’s” Mother of a piano student.
I was speaking to this mom about a disconnect I had noticed between her daughter’s playing the piano, and actually hearing and remembering the sound she is making. This is a bright, musical child with a sweet singing voice, but there is a piece missing that we will need to work on so that she can hear the sound she’s making, and be able to memorize more easily.
This mom had brought her children to Our Time classes, and even a semester of Imagine That, but didn’t know that in Young Child classes, her children would learn to associate musical notation with sound; they would come away with a strong rhythmic foundation, would be reading music, playing several instruments, and be exposed to playing by ear. (They also learn the instruments of the orchestra, and experience music from around the world.)
For families with babies, aren’t Village classes wonderful? They promote bonding between parent and child, social interaction for both, encourages cognitive and musical development, and much more, as those of you who have been in these classes know.
Our Time classes build on that early foundation, and kids who have participated in Our Time have a strong sense of steady beat, can match pitches, and play together in an ensemble.

Wouldn’t it be a shame to lay a great foundation, but never actually build the finished structure? If your plans for your child include future music study, don’t stop now! Finish the building! Kids that complete Kindermusik’s Young Child program not only have a solid musical foundation, but also are better prepared for school; listening skills, turning symbols into sound, fine motor skills, physical coordination, and social cooperative skills…..it’s all there in the Kindermusik Young Child class!

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