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Friday, July 22, 2011

The learning is all in fun

From my e-mail inbox, from a mom:

"Oh My Gosh I did not realize how much Cara was learning at Kindermusik. Today I took her to a preschool rhymes and songs program at the Seneca Library, with other kids her age and older. All of the other kids had been going for several weeks, and this was her first time, and she was the ONLY kid there who was doing all of the movements, paying constant attention, following directions, and "putting on her listening ears" when asked  Also, in true Cara fashion, she kept occasionally shooting evil looks at the other kids and saying "What YOU doing kids?"

Anyway, I was impressed."

One of the many blessings of my job is that I get to completely immerse myself in playing with children --- jumping, rolling, bouncing, dancing, shaking shakers, tapping sticks, and pretending ----and then stand back and watch their brains grow.  Children learn when they are emotionally involved, and they are involved when they are playing and moving.

This mom has enjoyed several semesters of classes with her daughter, they use the songs and activities as part of their daily life at home, and knew that it was an enriching experience. She just didn't realize how enriching until she was able to see her daughter in this new group setting! Really, where else is learning this much fun?

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